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"At only 19, Nehemya has a sophisticated and sensitive touch on the drums and plays like someone much older than his age".


Written by Melissa Palleschi - Hackney Hive (UK)


"The young drummer Ofri Nehemya deserves all the attention. Despite his young age (18 years old) held the entire concert with the same energy and concentration and donated here and there pearls of refined taste. 

Definitely a talented rising jazz star to keep in mind."


Written by Gabriele Prevato - Jazzitalia Magazine (Italy)


"Ofri Nehemya left us stunned, actually. Only 20 and already proved he is a real 'percussion machine' with beautiful playing 

and an apparent ease looking technique which he charmed everyone with. He performed elegant and perfect solos throughout the whole concert and led the rhythm section like a metronome. A revelation..."


Written by Ovidiu Blag - Caltural Magazine (Romania)


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